"Karlie Bruce's voice is what makes the modest "Paperback Lover" so memorable. It's one of the most alluring instruments you'll hear this or any year." - 88.1 KDHX.

"A soothing masterpiece..." - Music You Need

"Karlie Bruce is a name you should start to hear more often, if any music gods exist. Her new record "Paperback Lover"  is quite possibly one of the best, well-crafted albums of the year." - Kelly Knapp, Best New Bands.

"Intimation is Karlie Bruce's metier. Her music does not prance, preen or make a ruckus to get your attention. Her voice and songs are the only calling cards she needs." - Roy Kasten. Read more.

"Start to finish "Paperback Lover" is a beautiful little album. It's almost genre-bending, but has a number of wonderfully inspired tracks that put a smile on the listeners face." - Greg Jones,  Ear To The GroundArticle + Interview.