(SEP 2019) / BUY

Music by Karlie Bruce and Chris Parrello.

Psychedelephant can be appreciated as a soundtrack album, a journey taken through some imaginary movie plot line, or personal dream narrative.

Psychedelephant is a fully analog recording, from the original tracking sessions to the mastering, an AAA triple analog designation (track/mix/master). No digital process was used during production.

Featuring: Karlie Bruce, Chris Parrello, Frank LoCrasto, Robert DiPietro, Richie Barshay, Ian Young, Mario Gotoh, Clara Kennedy, Maeve Gilchrist, and Derek Nievergelt.

Produced by Karlie Bruce and Chris Parrello.

All songs by Karlie Bruce and Chris Parrello (SESAC) except “Forgett” by Sibylle Baier (Soultube Music).
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Craig Dreyer at Mighty Toad Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY. Mastering for vinyl and cutting by Scott Hull at Masterdisk.
Cover art “Pink Oracle” Analog Chromogenic Photogram by Liz Nielsen.
Design by Boombox Projects.

Video Editing by Alec Styborski.
Footage courtesy of Snoqualmie Falls, WA and the Atlantic, Montauk, NY.